B.U.N.K. Volume 3, Number 1 (1986)

The Holdme-titre Warmbody Theory:
A Corollary of the Law of Gravitation

Diane Hollingdale
Department of Zoology
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta

Warmbodies gravitate together, and the strength of tbe gravitational attraction is directly proportional to the combined mass of the two bodies (1), inversely proportional to the distance between them (2), directly proportional to the combined temperatures of the warmbodies, and inversely proportional to the difference between their two temperatures (3).

1. The two bodies need not be of equal mass; in fact experiments in progress seem to indicate that warmbodies of somewhat differing mass experience a stronger attraction than warmbodies of similar mass.
2. The closer they get, the closer they "want" to be.
3. The hotter the warmbodies, and the more similar their temperatures, the greater their gravitational attraction.

Copyright © 1986, 1996, David R. Maddison, John H. Acorn, and Robert S. Anderson.