Volume 3 Number 1

Issued February 1986

Featuring special hand-tinted plate!

Table of Contents

Hand-Tinted Plate
Editorial: Our Emblem
David R. Maddison
Spreading the vision
Born to be wild
Editorial: The Otiorhynchus ovatus Festschrift Issue
Robert S. Anderson
God is, Forsooth, a Scarab: A Rebuttal to Acorn's Repugnant Carabid Hypothesis.
Brett C. Ratcliffe
No two snowflakes
Mark W. Moffett
The Holdme-titre Warmbody Theory: A Corollary of the Law of Gravitation
Diane Hollingdale
Cladistic Statements as Cladistic Formulae or How to Hate Cladistics and Love Mathematics.
F.C. Thompson and D.R. Whitehead
Regular Features
Collecting Anecdotes
Odds and Sods
Letters to the Editors

Copyright © 1986, 1996, David R. Maddison, John H. Acorn, and Robert S. Anderson.